Hand Driven Flat Knitting Machine

Hand Driven Sweater Knitting Fabric Machine is very easy to operate by hand, we have MOQ for this item for 100sets.

Product Details

Main Feature:

Brand Name: KING KNIT

Model Number: KKJ-KH/KR

Product Type: Sweater hand driven Knitting Machine

Knitting speed: Max.1.2M/sec

Stitch count: 200 Stitches.

Needle pitch: 4.5mm

Power: Manual

Selector: By Punch card. It has a 24 stitch pattern repeat. Come with a set of 20 cards.

Knitting patterns: Flat knitting, Tuck Stitch, Slip Stitch, Fair Isle, Partial Fair Isle, Embossed, Punch lace, Tuck Stitch Punch lace, Plating, and Tuck Stitch plating weaves. Mounted with auxiliary machines, it can knit ribbing weave in cuffs and collar, and single/double cradle and ripples weaves.

Applying to: Pure wool, pure fibre, wool and acrylic blended yarn, various wool and cotton threads, thin thread and medium thick thread etc.

Size: (Length×width×Height): KKJ-KH860 115×29×15cm KKJ-KR838 109×23×14cm

Weight: KKJ-HD860: N.W:13kg, G.W: 14kg KKJ-HD860: N.W:11kg, G.W:11.5kg

Packaging Details: Packing in standard wooden case for Hand Driven Sweater Knitting Fabric Machine

Power(W): AC220V

Gross Weight: 25.5KG/Set